Afghanistan Diabetes Association (AfDA) Vice President had participated in 74th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in San Francisco, California ( 12 June to 17 June 2014)
Afghanistan Diabetes Association vice president Dr Farid Homayoun representing AfDA has taken part in the 74th Scientific Sessions of ADA held at Moscone Center, 747 Howard Street, San Francisco from 12 to 17 June 2014.  This is the first time that a delegate from AfDA takes part in the prestigious ADA Scientific Sessions meetings.   According to Dr Homayoun the sessions were extremely useful and have definitely helped Dr Farid Homayoun and AfDA to consider some research schemes in Diabetes under AfDA guidance in Afghanistan in near future.  Funding of course will be a challenge, but AfDA will endeavor to achieve this strategic goal.
In addition to attending ADA Scientific sessions, Dr Farid Homayoun has attended IDF meeting planned in the morning 16 June at the North Tower building of ADA Center in San Francisco Moscone Center.  The meeting was well attended by most members of IDF from all over the world.  The meeting started by a brief speech by Sir Michael Hirst, President of IDF that followed by some presentations by other IDF members.  The latest update from him was the number of people who suffer from Diabetes has risen to 350m worldwide and the number of people who suffer from pre-Diabetes is around 300m with about 93m people suffer from diabetic retinopathy worldwide.  He thanked IDF members for being very active and vocal in raising the portfolio of Diabetes in their respective countries through their associations. IDF also expressed their concern that Diabetes should not be undermined by NCD initiatives of the ministries of health in various countries.  
They have then introduced some new IDF initiatives with regards to Diabetes and Children, Diabetic retinopathy, mHealth (a form of telemedicine using mobile phones), etc.   IDF has also presented Diabetes Awareness Cities project.  Part of their presentation was how IDF is managing 7 regions around the globe.  Afghanistan falls under MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. There was some discussion about the new Diabetes Atlas and how data from each country can be reflected accurately in the new publication of IDF atlas (
IDF has recently launched Diabetes Score Balance where they are evaluating each member association.  This is going to be reviewed within two months.

This year the World Diabetes Day will be celebrated as usual on 14 November with global slogan:
Healthy Living and Diabetes or Healthy Eating and Diabetes
The next IDF meeting will be held from 28 November to 4 December in Vancouver Canada this year.  
After the meeting Dr Farid Homayoun had brief introduction to the following IDF staff and association members:
Sir Michael Hirst, President of IDF

Dominique Robert from IDF
Dr Sadikot, IDF member from India
Dr Nikolas Kefalas from Greece
Dr Sayef Uddin from Bangladesh
Dr Abdullah Al Hamaq President of MENA region
Dr Mesbah Sayed Kamal from Egypt
Dr K Benabed from Morocco
And several other members of IDF that he has not caught their names. The meeting was a very good opportunity for AfDA to be represented among other IDF members and also to learn from other Diabetes Associations who are members of IDF. This was also very useful to learn about new IDF initiatives.

Dr Farid Homayoun, AfDA vice president at ADA Scientific Session in San Francisco, California.

Moscone Center, North Tower Building

Meeting with Dominique Robert and other IDF staff members at Moscone Center South Tower during ADA conference – 16 June 2014

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