Afghanistan Diabetes Association (AfDA)  Activities Report

Afghanistan Diabetes Association (AfDA) Vice President had participated in 74th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in San Francisco, California ( 12 June to 17 June 2014):

Afghanistan Diabetes Association vice president Dr Farid Homayoun representing AfDA has taken part in the 74th Scientific Sessions of ADA held at Moscone Center, 747 Howard Street, San Francisco from 12 to 17 June 2014.  This is the first time that a delegate from AfDA takes part in the prestigious ADA Scientific Sessions meetings.   According to Dr Homayoun the sessions were extremely useful and have definitely helped Dr Farid Homayoun and AfDA to consider some research schemes in Diabetes under AfDA guidance in Afghanistan in near future.  Funding of course will be a challenge, but AfDA will endeavor to achieve this strategic goal.

In addition to attending ADA Scientific sessions, Dr Farid Homayoun has attended IDF meeting planned in the morning 16 June at the North Tower building of ADA Center in San Francisco Moscone Center.  The meeting was well attended by most members of IDF from all over the world.  The meeting started by a brief speech by Sir Michael Hirst, President of IDF that followed by some presentations by other IDF members....


Afghanistan Diabetes Association (AfDA) achieved the following activities during last couple of months:

•       Launching Afghanistan Diabetes Association (AfDA) website (
•       Sent AfDA delegate to Oman for participating in Masqat meeting of IDF members.
•       Arranged live interview on Diabetes, its complication, its prevention, in Azadi International Radio Channel which has listeners worldwide in Afghan local language (Dari). This program was  held by a member of AfDA, people were asking questions about the topic the doctor (AfDA member) were answering their questions (Q & A Session). This has been very productive in terms of increasing awareness among the Afghan People on Diabetes, prevention, complications and early diagnosis and treatment.
•       AfDA has arranged a Diabetes Education Program at Omid Afghan Turk International Private School located in Kabul city for younger students, teachers and the school staff. The presentation covered topics on what is Diabetes, how it occurs, what are its complications, who are at risk of suffering Diabetes and how to fight against Diabetes. The second day we arranged a blood glucose screening camp for awareness of people and detecting un-diagnosed people with Diabetes. Although most of the screened participants were middle aged people, but there was no diabetics were identified. Only a single case has been identified who was suspected as “pre-diabetic” and advised to recheck his blood sugar in due course.
•       AfDA will continue its activities across the country and will be working closely with the Afghan Ministry of Public Health and other stakeholders involved in Diabetes Care in Afghanistan.

Free blood glucose screening camps:
For increasing the awareness of public about diabetes AfDA arranged diabetes education programs in governmental and non-governmental organization, special ceremonies (World Women Day) and other gatherings. In the mentioned programs AfDA also included blood glucose screening camps for screening people to find un-diagnosed diabetic patients who are suffered from diabetes and are not aware of it. These diabetes education programs were very effective for providing information about diabetes, its complications, prevention and other needed information for non-medical people level. The participants in these programs were of different gender and ages. Among the screened people there were diabetic patients, pre-diabetic and some patients that were already suffered from diabetes but did not know about their disease.

1. Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation Development (MoRRD):AfDA arranged a diabetic education and FBG/RBG screening camp program in Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MoRRD)...

2. Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA): AfDA arranged a diabetic education and FBG/RBG screening camp in Afghan Ministry of Women Affaris (MoWA) on 8 March-2013. In this program...

3. European Union Office Kabul Afghanistan:This program was coordinated with EU office representative to arrange a screening camp of checking blood glucose level in their main office Kabul....

4. Halo Trust International:
AfDA and DMC jointly arranged a diabetes education and blood glucose (FBG/RBG) screening camp in Halo Trust International Organization main office...


Celebration of 14th November 2013 World Diabetes Day (WDD 2014):

AfDA, Diabetes Management Center (DMC) and The Halo Trust International jointly celebrated the 14th November 2013 World Diabetes Day (WDD 2013) inside The Halo Trust camp in Shakar Dara district of Kabul ad it could not be held in Kabul city due to security problem on mentioned date. About five hundred people including employee of The Halo Trust and local people participated in this program. First there was a Walk program for about 30 minutes and then they made a circle showing that together we can prevent and or control diabetes. 

After then the FBG screening camp program started. One hundred and forty people were screened. Among the screened people 4 was suspected diabetes and advised to re-check in fasting for further diagnoses and one person was diabetes, but did not know about his disease. Diabetic informative brochures were distributed to all the participants.



Educational Initiatives for Patients:
Preparation of new educational material, for diabetic patients. In this section some informative brochures, were designed in local languages, with very easy and understandable for each ethnicities. And also an updated diabetic diet list is prepared and distributed to diabetes medical service providers in Afghanistan.  
Training Programs:
• AfDA Arranged diabetes management training programs for medical staff of Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARSC) hospital Kabul and Parwan Provinces.
• AfDA Arranged diabetes management training programs for medical staff of Rahman Mina hospital Kabul.

• Short term training programs for new graduated medical students.

AfDA prepared an updated diabetes treatment guide line and distributed to medical staff that are providing services to people with diabetes.

AfDA arranged medical conferences for medical staff of governmental and non-governmental organization that provide medical service for diabetic patients. The conferences occurred once Maiwand Teaching Hospital and Ali Abad Teaching Hospital during 2013, and on monthly base in Diabetes Management Center (DMC) a private clinic that provides specialized medical care for diabetic patients. The subjects discussed in the conferences were diabetic foot ulcer, retinopathy, and gestational diabetes and treatment guidelines for diabetes management.

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