Afghanistan Diabetes Association (AfDA)

Diabetes is a common problem in Afghanistan, yet unknown to many Afghans.   The perception of most Afghans living in rural communities is that the disease is only of the rich in the rich countries.  In some parts of the country, people only use homeopathic remedies as the only treatment for both types of Diabetes. In 2004, a group of Afghan physicians have decided to establish a Diabetes Association in country; Afghanistan Diabetes Association (AfDA) is a non-governmental, non-political organization with the aim to provide awareness and better management in all aspects of Diabetes prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care in Afghanistan.  AfDA has been registered with the Afghan Ministry of Justice (registration number 286) dated March 2005.

In general the aims of AfDA can be summarized as follows:

  • Goal 1:Public awareness on Diabetes to all ethnic groups of both genders in Afghanistan through mass and social media, pamphlets, leaflets, seminars, mosques, public gatherings, trainings, symposia and workshops and screening camps
  • Goal 2: Helping the Afghan Ministry of Public Health in creating a comprehensive strategy on how to fight Diabetes in Afghanistan
  • Goal 3: Coordination of activities of all Diabetes Stakeholders in Afghanistan
  • Goal 4: Creating training opportunities  for Afghan doctors and other health workers in Diabetes in country and overseas
  • Goal 5 : Fund raising for Diabetes care in Afghanistan in country and globally  and creating a Diabetes Trust Fund in this arena


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