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Afghanistan is a country in Central Asia bounded by land.  Over 2 decades of  ongoing conflict  following the invasion of the former Soviet Union Red Army has devastated the country.  Infracstructures have colllapsed, schools were closed and the Afghan People were deprived from their basic rights. The collapse of the infra-structure in Afghanistan affected all aspects of life including the Health System.  Currently afghanistan is one of the countries with highest infact and maternal moratlity rates in the world.  Today Afghanistan is emerging from the devastation of conflict, but it will take decades before life can return back to normal and infratsrucures restored.  Insecuirty in parts of the country with insuregncy is another big problem that the Afghan people are faced with.

Problem of Diabetes in Afghanistan  

Diabetes is a common problem in Afghanistan.  This disease is un-known to many Afghans and there has been no public awareness for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes in Afghanistan. There has been no proper study on the prevalence of Diabetes in Afghanistan. World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) in 2004 has helped the Afghan Ministry of Public Health to establish four Diabetes Centres in four general hospitals in Kabul. These centres despite having some logistical problems are functioning well.These are Diabetes Centres in Ibni Seena Emergency Hospital, Indira Gandhi Children Hospital, Maiwand Teaching Hospital and Wazir Akbar Khan Hospital. These centres are located in different parts of Kabul City to make sure that population living in all districts of Kabul City are covered. 

So far over 50,000 diabetic patients of both genders including children with type 1 and type 2 Diabetes were screened, treated and followed up in the mentioned four centres .The Private Sector has also invested in Diabetes Care in Afghnaistan.  Diabetes Management Centre (DMC) provides care for diabetics in Kabul and some provinces through their well-equipped Diabetes Centres.

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